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Re: Wow! Death Valley!

Re: Re: Wow! Death Valley!

Hi guys - I'm the person who was Darth Columbo before who you all thought was copying someone already posting. I always read the Columbo quotes puzzlers - never get any at all, but enjoy reading all the same! Am intreagued by the mention of Colsy's website - is this another Columbo one I haven't found?! What's the address? Would like to see it! (And please don't tell me there's already a Yoda here!)

Cheers guys

Re: Wow! Death Valley!

No Yoda there is not another Yoda far as I know...Darth Columbo is a great I am sure you are too...
The colsy site is and it is great! join up if you would like too....there are only a few of us there but we try our best......check it out
But as I have said in the past this site will always be my home.........

Re: Re: Wow! Death Valley!

Thanks for the pool talk guys. I'm freezing my butt off down here in Sydney.
By the way Cass, it's great to have you on here.
Happy Anniversary!!

Re: Wow! Death Valley!

Ahhhh...Mark...that was sweet. Thank you!

How cold is it there? We are in the 80's...I'm not a great summer person...I prefer the snow.

Oh...this is the Columbo is a great show!!

Re: Wow! Death Valley!

Pity I can't post my little clip here that I posted at colsy's eh Cass?

Great guy am I Aw shucks, gone red now

Your not bad yourself

And Yoda, feel free to call yourself Darth Columbo if u want. I post as Welshdragon here

Re: Wow! Death Valley!

Yes Welshie you are a great guy...and thanks for saying I aint too shabby either!!
And yup! That clip of how Death Valley-ish it is on colsy's site is the best!! I won't say what you did...maybe some kiddies would like to check it out.......but it was the BEST!!!