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Re: Wow! Death Valley!

Ahhhh...Mark...that was sweet. Thank you!

How cold is it there? We are in the 80's...I'm not a great summer person...I prefer the snow.

Oh...this is the Columbo is a great show!!

Re: Wow! Death Valley!

Pity I can't post my little clip here that I posted at colsy's eh Cass?

Great guy am I Aw shucks, gone red now

Your not bad yourself

And Yoda, feel free to call yourself Darth Columbo if u want. I post as Welshdragon here

Re: Wow! Death Valley!

Yes Welshie you are a great guy...and thanks for saying I aint too shabby either!!
And yup! That clip of how Death Valley-ish it is on colsy's site is the best!! I won't say what you did...maybe some kiddies would like to check it out.......but it was the BEST!!!