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Columbus: Secrets From the Grave

How many of you clicked on this thread without noticing it said Columbus, not Columbo? Or did you think I just couldn't spell?!

I was surfing through the TV listings before I went to work today. On the Discovery Times channel this evening there is a program with the above title. I guess I was still asleep or the caffiene had not kicked in yet. When I saw the title I thought there was a Columbo I hadn't seen or maybe didn't remember. Was I ever disappointed when it turned out to be Christopher Columbus, not Columbo.

Secrets From the Grave, that sounds like a good Columbo title doesn't it. Maybe an alternate title for Columbo Cries Wolf?

Re: Columbus: Secrets From the Grave

I knew you could spell!
Sorry you were disappointed...but you have to have that coffee in you before trying to search the dial.

That would make a good Columbo title, though.

Re: Columbus: Secrets From the Grave

A great title it would be...but Columbo, on the Discovery Channel??

Re: Columbus: Secrets From the Grave

That should have been a clue that it wasn't Columbo...but the poor soul didn't have enough coffee yet!!

Re: Re: Columbus: Secrets From the Grave

A better title for "Columbo Cries Wolf" would have been "Body of Evidence".

Symptom # 97. You know you are a Columbo addict when you find yourself thinking up better or alternate titles for episodes.