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Re: Another Columbo goof?

Thats probably just columbo being columbo. Isnt he always doing that?

God bless,


Re: Another Columbo goof?

I don't remember this, so I will have to look to see.

Your description, though, reminds me of something I wondered about in "Candidate for Crime." In the parking garage, after Hayward has switched jackets with Harry Stone, the security detail races after Stone, thinking he is Hayward. As they are running to their cars, they seem to be yelling, "Senator! Senator!"

But Hayward isn't yet a senator. He is only a candidate for the senate, so their calling out to him that way seems to me to be a mistake.

Re: Another Columbo goof?

Here's a "goof" that isn't really a goof.

In the episode "Murder With Too Many Notes," Findley Crawford puts some knock-out drugs in young Gabriel McEnery's glass of wine. Gabriel drinks the wine and gets all woozie. He drops the fancy wine glass. It falls to the ground and SMASH!!! It breaks into about 1,000 teeny tiny little pieces.

A few minutes later, Findley needs to clean up that mess made by the broken wine glass. He bends down to clean it up and WA-LAH! The smashed wine glass has reassembled itself into about five large broken pieces.

Goof or not?

I sent this to Ted quite awhile ago. He replied that this wasn't so much a goof as it was a necessity to the production. He's right. Findley, nor the production crew, had time to waste sweeping up a 1,000 pieces of broken glass.

I do get a kick out of seeing this each time I watch the episode though. I can't help but feel proud of myself for having noticed this little tidbit of info.

Re: Another Columbo goof?

Feel Proud O Mighty Headache! Feel Very Proud!

(i've never seen the i really can't comment on it...but i believe you. )