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Famous Last Words 1 - 10 / ANSWERS

Lots of great guesses and great answers to the first ten questions. Here are the answers...


In which episode was a murder victim dead when the story began and therefore, had no final words?

As Laura knew, and most others as well I suspect (and as I've already posted elsewhere...)

Answer: In the episode, "A Friend In Deed," Hugh Caldwell had already stifled his wife, Janice Caldwell when the story began.


In which episode was a person alive when the story began, but murdered before they got to speak any words?

Laura got this one first, and David knew it too.

Answer: In the episode "Suitble For Framing," Rudy Matthews got to play the piano, but didn't get to speak any words before his nephew gave him the ultimate negative critique.


From the episode, "A Case Of Immunity," which of the following four choices was security guard Youseff Alafa's final word?

A. Safe
B. Assembly
C. Moment
D. Legation

David answered this one correctly.

Answer: D. Legation. Youseff's final sentence was, "Whoever did this must be working in the legation." He certainly was correct.


Two murder victims final on screen words before being murdered were "Thank-you." Who were the two victims and in which episodes did this occur?

David, I'm afraid you were wrong with the Sharon Martin guess. But Laura nailed one of the two victims with her guess of Clifford Paris from "Double Shock".

Answer: Both victims are from the episode, "Double Shock". The final words of Clifford Paris were: "Well, I, I, I'm not very fond of appliances, but, but, but thank-you." The final words of Lisa Chambers were: "Yeah, ok, alright. Thank-you very much." - "Thank-you."


One murder victim's final words were a mixture of a foreign language and English. Who was the victim? In which episode did this occur?

Paul got this one correct with "A Matter Of Honor".

Answer: In the episode, "A Matter Of Honor," Hector Rangel spoke his final sentences in a mixture of both Spanish and English. His final two words seemed to have been, "No. No."


Only one murder victim spoke all their final words in a foreign language. (Foreign to English, that is.) Who was the victim? In which episode did this occur?

Cassa got this one, and David knew it too.

Answer: In the episode, "Murder Under Glass," Vittorio Rossi spoke his final words in Italian.


Only one of the following four choices is a "True" final on screen sentence spoken by a murder victim. Which is the true sentence? Who spoke it and in which episode?

A. "That's not blue."
B. "Move over here."
C. "Take us home."
D. "Up the river."

First off, my having written the word "True" wasn't any sort of Bart Kepple technique. Simply put, only one of the four choices was indeed, "True."

I'm sorry this one was driving Laura and Cassa crazy. Paul got it correct though.

Answer: C. "Take us home." In the episode, "Last Salute To The Commodore," Commodore Otis Swanson's last on screen words were: "Take us home." He spoke them to the only man he felt worthy of his respect.


Only one of the following four choices was actually spoken by a murder victim as their final word on Earth. Which is the correct word? Who spoke it and in which episode was it spoken?

A. Bag
B. Beg
C. Big
D. Bug

Paul took a good guess with Bertie Hasting from "Bye-Bye..." and "Beg," but that's incorrect. E got it right, and Paul had figured it out eventually too.

Answer: A. Bag - In the episode, "The Most Dangerous Match," Tomlin Dudek's final words were: "What are you doing with my bag?"


From the episode, "Murder By The Book," which of the following four choices was murder victim Lilly La-Sanka's final sentence on Earth?

A. "Why don't you open the other bottle?"
B. "I almost wish he were here now."
C. "He could share this with me."
D. "I just don't know if I should trust you."

Cassa, you were right!

Answer: C. "He could share this with me." Lily La-Sanka's final two sentences were, "I almost wish he were here now. He could share this with me."


Which murder victim, just prior to their death, gave their murderer a very enthusiastic, "Don't worry. Bye!" ?

Surprisingly, no one even took a guess at this one!

Answer: In the episode, "Lovely, But Lethal," secretary Shirley Blaine's final words were, "I won't ever tell anybody anything. Don't worry. Bye!" She then went permanently bye-bye.


That's it for the first ten "Famous Last Words". Here come the next ten...

Re: Famous Last Words 1 - 10 / ANSWERS

This was a fantastic quiz....Thanks Headache!

Re: Famous Last Words 1 - 10 / ANSWERS

Hey Headache...laura and I like being driven crazy by you!!!

Re: Famous Last Words 1 - 10 / ANSWERS

Great stuff as usual Headache. I have got to own up though, I got 5 and I "eventually" got 8. But someone else (I don't remember who) got 7...twasn't me!

Re: Famous Last Words 1 - 10 / ANSWERS

Oh..Paul..just take it anyway!! .....and shouldn't that have been tisnt me???.....How's the honeymoon???