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Re: Re: More on "Murder Under Glass"

Wow! What a post Ted!!!
You make a great point about Peter showing off his mastery in Italian movie acting....being Italian myself, I have witnessed many a scene like that from my grandfathers and father and uncles...things could get a little heated sometimes....but then the guys would sit down and have a glass of vino and all would be calm once again. But I can see how you say that Peter was having fun imitating the Italian actors he has seen in movies...he himself was terrific in Machine Gun McCain as an Italian mobster, Charlie Adamo. I guess I just felt bad for poor Mario...but as you say he did it to "go through the motions" and he really didn't suspect the poor boy at all.
Wow! (again) about the Primo magazine interview!!! It sounds fantastic! 6 pages!!! (ok..I won't say Wow! again) I will try and look for it here in Jersey. Maybe I will have some luck. And I'd love to see the shot of you in your Columbo regalia! Our Ted, the celebrity!
And what Eric said was true...but then you have to weigh that against what Michael Shinn Columbo is always informing himself of the particulars of the murderers...Carsini and his wine..Galesko and his photography..Dr. Marc Collier and his hypnosis..Luis Montoya and bullfighting....etc..etc...
But as you say, I think he is quite the eclectic guy and he is harboring a lot of stuff and knowledge that we don't know about.
Boy I love this show!!