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Famous Last Words #11-20 / ANSWERS

Lots of great guesses and again, lots of correct answers. Here are all the correct answers...


Only one of the following four choices was actually the final word spoken by a murder victim. Which word? Who spoke it and in which episode?

A. Window
B. Door
C. Desk
D. Chair

David got this one right away, and Cassa knew it too.

Answer: A. Window - In the episode, "Publish Or Perish," writer Allen Mallory's final words of dictation were, "From the window..."


The final utterance of two murder victims was the same letter of the English alphabet. What letter was it and which two victims spoke it? In which episodes did this occur?

Cassa, you nailed this one so fast! I thought I'd confuse everyone with this! But not U / you!

Answer: The letter of the alphabet was "K". Jennifer Welles said it in "Etude In Black" and Edmund Galvin said it in "Try and Catch Me." While Edmund had preceeded it with the letter "O" (as in "O. K.",) Jennifer skipped the "O" in "O. K." and went straight to "K" after asking her murderer, Alex Benedict, what piece of music she should play on the piano. Jennifer's final words were: "What would you like me to play?" - "K." Edmund's final words were: "Where do they go?" - "O. K."


Only one of the following four choices was actually spoken as the last words of a murder victim. Which is the correct choice? Which victim spoke the words and in which episode?

A. "Good morning."
B. "Good afternoon."
C. "Good evening."
D. "Good night."

David was wrong with his guess of "Good night" from "Playback". No one else attempted this one.

Answer: C. "Good evening." "Good evening" were the last words of Victor Norris in the episode, "Double Exposure." He spoke them to a passing acquaintance after enjoying a mouthful of extra-salty caviar.

(From that point, through sitting through Bart Kepple's documentary, to going out to the drinking fountain, ol' Vic doesn't utter a word.)


Which murder victim's final sentence before they died was, "Well, better than nothing." ?

Is that a hysterical final sentence before being murdered, or what?! E knew the answer and David chimed in with it too.

Answer: In the episode, "Swan Song," Edna Brown decided that the bad tasting coffee in the thermos was, "Well, better than nothing."


From the episode, "Old Fashioned Murder," which of the following four choices was security guard Milton Schaffer's final sentence on Earth?

A. "Miss Lytton, I did everything you said."
B. "You sure this is gonna work, Miss Lytton?"
C. "I'm kind of worried, Miss Lytton."
D. "Miss Lytton, what are you doing here?"

Sorry David, you were wrong with your guess of "C". No one else tried to answer this one.

Answer: D. Schaffer's final words were, "Miss Lytton, what are you doing here?" He then found out exactly what she was doing there.


Only one of the following four choices was actually spoken by a murder victim as their final on screen sentence on Earth. Which is the correct sentence? Who spoke it and in which episode?

A. "Just found yourself a whole lot of trouble."
B. "Get yourself killed that way."
C. "Who do you think you are?"
D. "What do you think you're doing here?"

David got this one correct and Laura knew it too.

Answer: B. In the episode, "Blue Print For Murder," victim Beau Williamson's final on screen sentence was, "Get yourself killed that way." He spoke it just before he got himself killed.

(Oh, and David, I did phrase the question with the words, "their final on screen sentence on Earth." I'm sure Beau had a lot more to say after Elliot got him inside the stable and before Elliot put a bullet in him! But again, we the viewers only got to hear his final "on screen" words.)


Only one murder victim spoke the name of a non-murderous loved one as their final word on Earth. What was the name? Who said it and in which episode?

Cassa, you wonderful non-murderous loved one, you! You knew the answer.

Answer: In the episode, "Mind Over Mayhem," Professor Howard Nicholson spoke, "Margaret? Margaret?", the name of his wife, as his final two words on Earth.


Only one of the following four choices were the actual final three words spoken by a murder victim. Which are the correct three words? Who spoke them and in which episode?

A. "...there's no button."
B. "...there's no light."
C. "...there's no question."
D. "...there's no book."

David got this answer booked up fast!

Answer: D. "...there's no book." In the episode, "A Deadly State Of Mind," victim Karl Donner's final words were, "Yes, of course. Without her, there's no book." He was correct.


From the episode, "Now You See Him," which of the following four choices were murder victim Jesse Jerome's final three words on Earth?

A. "How did you..."
B. "What are you..."
C. "I don't have..."
D. "You can't be..."

David, how did you... get this answered correctly so fast?! Leaper knew this one as well.

Answer: A. "How did you..." Jesse speaks these words to The Great Santini after the magician easily picks the lock of Jesse's office door.


Only one of the following four choices was a word spoken by a murder victim within their final sentence on Earth. Which is the correct word? Who said it and in which episode?

A. Finances
B. Account
C. Banker
D. Wealth

David, the accountant, was upset that he didn't know the answer to this one, and no one else even tried to answer it. Was it truly that difficult? It was a trick question! The answer has nothing to do with finances, accounts, bankers or wealth!

Answer: B. Account - In the episode, "The Conspirators," victim Vincent Pauley's final sentence on Earth is, "I don't have to account to you." He was very wrong.


Those are the answers for questions #11 - #20. Prepare yourself... the most difficult are yet to come...

Well, maybe not "most difficult". Just more questions. #21 - #30 in fact.

Re: Famous Last Words #11-20 / ANSWERS

Great questions (and answers), Headache! Thanks for all that you put into it.

Re: Famous Last Words #11-20 / ANSWERS

That was a fantastic puzzle, Headache. It is a testament to your skills that you are able to stump people on this board. And the questions are so much fun, to boot. This was terrific!

And Cassa, you get a gold star for figuring out the "K" answer. I never would have thought of that!

Re: Famous Last Words #11-20 / ANSWERS

WoW....I did get #12 right....that makes me happy...and thanks to you laura for saying what you did...that was very sweet......Headache....I don't know what to say to are unbelievable to truly and laura adore are the most!!!!
I want to say so much more..but cassa is tired...she did a lot of work today....she will be here tomorrow.......