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Columbo: Death Leands A Hand

Hello everybody, I have returned to the forum. I liked this "Columbo" a lot , as a matter of fact I thought this one was one of the best ever. Robert Culp is the killer in this one. He was great,he also did three other "Columbo" films as well. He was good in all of them but this one is by far the best one! Culp loses his temper and kills a woman and he tries his best to cover it up. Falk is really good in this one, I liked the scene where Columbo is playing with a child on the swings and his mother comes and wondering what Columbo is doing. That was a pretty funny , free flowing scene.

Peter Falk has some movies coming out but I do not know when they will be released. I also am clueless about when they will start a new "Columbo" film. I hope it will happen sometime soon! The films that Peter Falk has already made include

1.3 Days of Rain
2.The Thing About My Folks
3.Checking Out
5.The Book of Joe

As far as I know these are all done , I hope they will come out sometime soon, hopefully this year.

I ordered "Columbo : The Complete Third Season" , "A Storm In Summer" and "Wilder Days" on DVD . I cannot wait for these to come out. "Columbo" will be out in August. God Bless Peter Falk and thanks for reading.

Re: Columbo: Death Leands A Hand

I've got my eyes on the look-out for the "Retirement" film. Hopefully that one will be out soon.

"Hand" is a terrific "Columbo" episode. One of the 69 best episodes ever!