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Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

Ok I think I have a few C. "Leslie, I thought..."....and then lovely Leslie pulls the trigger!!
And #37 is C. "After you, sir." which point the 'wonderful' Mr. Frame shoves poor Tanner through the door...........and somehow hangs him???????? How did he do that??????????????

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

Just one more and then I will step aside....these quotes are like eating potato chips...I can't stop!!!!
I think #34 is D. Darling....not positive here...just a is said on the tape machine....

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

I think I know a few of these, without actually "knowing" them, if you know what I mean... . First up I was going to say the same as Cassa for Bertie. I have guessed Bye Bye Sky High for about 4 of these so far, so I thought I should make a guess when it actually comes along, and I was going to guess the same as Cassa.

In 33, I am going to guess differently, I thought the quote was "I didn't..." Just a guess though.

In 38, I think D is correct...just another guess though.

Ok, I am really stabbing in the dark here so I will step aside and leave it to David and Laura

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

Yeah Paul....laura and David will probably mop the floor with us!!!!! But I know they do it lovingly!

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

Hey Mark D. where are you tonight? Don't fail me now buddy.....don't let me be the last word on this thread....I am depending on you.....

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

Wow, nice job all are quick! Okay, here are my answers, but I'm afraid there will be a lot more guessing here than mopping...

For #33, I agree with you, Cassa, that Paul Williams says "Leslie, I thought..."

#38 Habib says "I never dreamed I'd be involved in matters of such significance."

#31 is Mark McAndrews in "Make Me a Perfect Murder," asking if they finished showing the film to the bigwigs downstairs.

#34 I thought he said "bye," but I am probably wrong.

#36 This is also a total guess, but is this Jim Ferris assuring his wife that this will be the last time he will stay at the office to work late, since he is finishing the book?

#39 could be Sharon Martin arranging the meeting at 8am at the medical supply company, and Jean in "Requiem for a Falling Star" giving her fake plans for the evening to Nora Chandler when she is given the list of errands?

#32 sounds like Rosanna Wells talking to the poor sappish band guy who gets framed for her murder. I'm not sure which is the real quote, but D sounds the meanest, so it is probably that one.

I'm going crazy over the "yes...yes...yes" one (it sounds a little naughty).

Okay, lots of puddles still left on the floor...

Re: Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

I was not able to nail down all of them. Hopefully most......

#31 "Finished already?" is from "Make Me a Perfect Murder," said by Mark McAndrews.

#32 "Troubled Waters." I believe the answer is D

#33 "Leslie, I thought" is correct, that is if you do not count Paul Williams' voice on the tape recording for the phone call after his death.

#34 Darling (D)

#35 "Yes, Yes, Yes" gave me the most trouble.
My guess is "Requiem For a Falling Star."

#36 "Murder By the Book"

#37 C "After you, sir."

#38 B

#39 As for the "exact time of day" question, Ruth
Litton's brother in "Old Fashioned Murder" is probably one of them. I do not know the other.

#40 B

Re: Re: Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

Hmm. The last thing Edward Lytton ever did was record the museum inventory on tape. I don't THINK he mentioned the time, but I may be wrong.

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

Aha, I think I got #35! Nadia Donner, in "A Deadly State of Mind," responding to Collier's post-hypnotic suggestions!

(And I'm kinda sad, because Headache is gonna run out of victims soon! Hopefully he'll think of a series equally good!)

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

I think you may be right on that one Leaper!!

And as far as the end of this.....I am sure Headache is in his cave..and he is contriving another puzzle for us.......

Hey Headache...if you aren''s must be exhausted from all of put in a lot of work....but we Columboites appreciate all that you do. Me and laura are your groupies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

What Cassa said!!

Btw, we're still working on the groupie tee shirt slogan. Something along the lines of..."My head LOVES the headaches Headache's puzzles give!"

or "Columbo Headaches Rule!"

...or somethin' like that.

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

Nadia Donner...You got it, Leaper!!! This one was driving me crazy!


Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

I have posted the answers to #31 - 40 in another post! Be there! Or be... somewhere else. Whatever.

Re: Columbo - Famous Last Words - #31 - 40

..............or be square.....boy! I am showing my age!