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Columbo Book

I just got threw reading The Hoover Files a book I picked up at the library. I was exspecting a episode of Columbo in book form but it struck me more like Dragnet. I never saw Columbo on the phone or at his desk so much in all the TV shows as in this one book. I only remeber him talking to the killer twice maybe. Usally he is so under their skin by the end they are a wreck. Columbo just didn't seem like Columbo in the book. Then he gets shot which I thought was a weird turn. Its not that I didn't enjoy the book. the last half was pretty good, I just wasn't exspecting that from a Columbo book. I will probably go pick up another one from the library tomorrow any suggestions on which one's are good?

Thanks for listening.

Re: Columbo Book

Don't even get me started on those "supposed" Columbo books!

I will say though that you did the best thing possible. You read the book at the library and didn't spend one single cent on it! If you were to ask me, the guy who wrote those books (now dead of suicide, if I recall my "Ted" information correctly) should now have to pay YOU money for having wasted time reading that incredibly non-Columbo, Columbo book.

I guess you did kind of get me started on those Columbo books after all, didn't you?

Re: Columbo Book

Wow! Are they that bad??