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Famous Last Words - #31-40 / ANSWERS

K, all you Columbo-scrumpcious friends O mine. Here are the answers to the Famous Last Words #31 - #40. You people are so Columbotelligent!


Which murder victim, with their final words on Earth, asked their murderer, "Finished already?"

Laura got this one and David knew it too.

Answer: This occurred in the episode, "Make Me A Perfect Murder". Victim Mark McAndrews spoke the words to his lover/murderer, Kay Freestone. She wasn't finished, but he was.


Only one of the following four choices was actually spoken by a murder victim as their final sentence on Earth. Which is the correct sentence? Who spoke it and in which episode?

A. "Would you just understand that I want you to go?"
B. "Oh, why won't you just - just leave?"
C. "I am asking you, will you just please go?"
D. "For the last time, will you leave me alone?"

Laura got this one too, and David also knew it.

Answer: D. "For the last time, will you leave me alone?" This occurs in the episode, "Troubled Waters". Victim Rosanna Welles said this to her would-be suitor, Lloyd Harrington just prior to being murdered by Hayden Danzinger.


Which of the following four choices were the only three words spoken by murder victim Paul Williams in the episode, "Ransom For A Dead Man"?

A. "Leslie, what are..."
B. "Leslie, I didn't..."
C. "Leslie, I thought..."
D. "Leslie, why are..."

Cassa got this one. Laura and David knew it too.

Answer: C. "Leslie, I thought..." are the only words spoken by victim Paul Williams. Whatever it was he thought, he thought wrong.


Which of the following four choices was the final word spoken by murder victim David Buckner in the episode, "Short Fuse"?

A. Tonight
B. Bye
C. Roger
D. Darling

Cassa got this one too. David also got it correct.

Answer: D. Darling - David Buckner's final words, heard on tape, were: "Bye-bye for now, darling."


Which murder victim's final three words on Earth were, "Yes." - "Yes." - "Yes." ? In which episode was this spoken?

This question was driving Laura crazy until David nailed it. Leaper knew it too. (And I guess we all know where Laura's mind was thinking that this one sounded 'kinky'. HAH!)

Answer: In the episode, "A Deadly State Of Mind," victim Nadia Donner's final words (while being hypnotized) were, "Yes, I hear you." - "Yes, I understand." - "Yes." - "Swimming?" - "Yes." - "Yes." - "Yes."


Which murder victim's final words on Earth, immediately prior to being murdered were, "Yeah, I know. I know. This'll be the last time. That I can..." ?

Laura's "total guess" was totally correct. David got it too.

Answer: These were the last words of victim Jim Ferris in the episode, "Murder By The Book". He was right. It was the last time.


From the episode, "Dagger Of The Mind," which of the following four choices were butler Tanner's final three on screen words?

A. "I do say."
B. "Yes, of course."
C. "After you, sir."
D. "Oh, my word."

Oh my word, yes, of course! I do say, Cassa knew the answer to this one immediately! Again, David also knew it.

Answer: C. "After you, sir." Tanner's final words were, "I see. And of course it would make it look more like a robbery, wouldn't it? After you, sir." Nicholas Frame insisted Tanner lead the way - to his own death.


From the episode, "A Case Of Immunity," which of the following four choices was co-conspirator Rahmin Habib's final sentence on Earth?

A. "I know that my family will be so very proud."
B. "I never dreamed I'd be involved in matters of such significance."
C. "I had not expected to be rewarded like this."
D. "They will know the true meaning of the word honor."

Laura answered this correctly as did David.

Answer: B. "I never dreamed I'd be involved in matters of such significance." was Rahmin's final sentence just before Hassan Salah murdered him.


Two murder victims mention exact times of day in their final couple of sentences on Earth. Who were the two victims? In which episodes did this occur?

Laura was half correct and half wrong. Her half-answer of Jean Davis from "Requiem..." was incorrect. David provided the correct second answer.

Answer: In the episode, "A Stitch In Crime," nurse Sharon Martin's final sentences were, "Yes. Yes right. Right, that'll be alright. Eight a.m. sharp. Right." Then, in the episode, "Old Fashioned Murder," Edward Lytton's final sentences were, "It's almost two o'clock in the morning. What are - what are you doing here?"


Which of the following four choices was the last sentence spoken by murder victim Bertie Hastings prior to being murdered in the episode, "The Bye-Bye, Sky-High I. Q. Murder Case"?

A. "I can't take it any more!"
B. "I'm talking to you!"
C. "What are you doing with that?"
D. "It's a form of abuse!"

Cassa, (who had previously totally ruined this question by writing about Bertie's final words in a previous post... ooh, you're wicked, Cassa. Wicked!) knew the answer to this question. So did Paul and David.

Answer: B. "I'm talking to you!" Bertie's final words, yelled at the the top of his lungs were: "Oliver! Oliver! I'm talking to you!" Oddly enough, no one else in the house heard him.

There you all have the answers to questions #31 - #40! Prepare yourselves for questions #41 - #??!!

Re: Famous Last Words - #31-40 / ANSWERS

Sorry about #40!!!!

You have once again cracked me up with your answers to our answers....great stuff Headache!

Fellow groupie laura? Your turn to to give Headache his accolades!