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Re: Columbo-Famous Last Words-#41 - ??

Eek! Sorry! I figured, what're the odds that he'd come up with that exact same question? Pretty slim, I told myself.

Heck, give David that answer!

Is #43 A, said by Ric Carsini in "Any Old Port in a Storm"? I could've sworn he said something like that, to which Adrian replies, "oh, yes, I think I do," and beans him.

Is one of #49's Lenore Kennicut, in "Death Lends a Hand," before she crashes into the glass table?

I think #50 is C, but I'm not certain.

For #52, I know one of them is Margaret Halperin in "A Friend In Deed," reminding her husband that her family money is her own... Until the Commish changes that.

More as I think of 'em.

Re: Re: Columbo-Famous Last Words-#41 - ??

Oh, and one of #45's, referred to in an earlier question, is, of course, Paul Williams, of "Ransom for a Dead Man."

Re: Re: Re: Columbo-Famous Last Words-#41 - ??

Gah! Final word! FINAL!


Re: Columbo-Famous Last Words-#41 - ??

Not all of them Cassa, just 46 and 48 !!

Re: Re: Columbo-Famous Last Words-#41 - ??

#41 Maryann, "Sixteen," from the episode "Swan Song."

#42 D The word "dish" was used by William Haynes in
"By Dawn's Early Light." He refers to Rumford as
being able to "DISH it out but can't take it."

#43 A "I don't think you have any choice" was said
by Ric Carsini in "Any Old Port in a Storm."

#44 B I will concede to "come on now" being the
final words of the projectionist in "Double Exposure," although I could have sworn that his last words were "Don't fool around with that."

#45 Carol Flemming of "Prescription: Murder," the first Columbo murder victim, was the first to say her murderer's name as her last word. It was also the one to be said off screen, referenced by the doctor immediately after she dies.
I am fairly sure that Claire Daly said "Good night, Ward" as her final words, qualifying "Fade in to Murder" as the second such occasion in which the victim's final word was the killer's name.
Thirdly, Dr. Charles Hunter in "How to Dial a Murder." We hear him say "Eric" before the dogs attack. However, it can also be debated that his last word was off screen because Kim Cattrall's character later tells Columbo that the victim was calling for Eric when she saw the dogs murdering him.

#46 B "What are you doing wearing that..." are the last words of Eric Wagner in "The Most Crucial Game" because the killer has disguised himself as an ice cream vendor.

#47 C "Now quite frankly I wouldn't give..." (perhaps one of several instances in television to cut off a character before they are able to utter a word you cannot say on TV.)

#48 A "When will I..." are Tracy O'Connor's parting words in "Suitable For Framing."

#49 The two "let go" lines: "Death Lends a Hand" is the more obvious of the two. My guess on the second is "Dagger of the Mind." While I do not distinctly recall the line, it stands to reason because Roger Haversham was being restrained prior to his death.

#50 B "Do you have any idea - who took her?" were
the last words of Alvin Deschler in "Negative Reaction."

#51 I will have to concede defeat on this one. I suppose I was simply so intigued by the clippings from "Walking My Baby Back Home" that I never bothered to observe Dr. Willis' final words.

#52 "Money" was included in the final two sentences
of Tony Goodland of "The Greenhouse Jungle" and Margaret Halperin of "A Friend in Deed." Goodland says something like "If money's what it takes, money's what it'll be" just prior to being shot. Margaret Halperin's final sentence before dying was "My money, Mark, my inheritance."

#53 I will guess C, 61

#54 Roger is the most commonly used victim's first
name among the original 45 ("Dead Weight," "Dagger of the Mind," "Double Exposure")

Re: Columbo-Famous Last Words-#41 - ??

Wow, you people are good. No... great! For the answers just look at David's post. They're all correct except he didn't know #51. Cassa provided the correct answer there!

Re: Columbo-Famous Last Words-#41 - ??

Getting lazy, are we Headache??????
I am only kidding Darling!!!
You work so hard in your cave to compose these great puzzle things and you do such a creative and entertaining job!! You are the best!
If I may, I will speak for all of us Columboites really make this forum terrific!! And we appreciate you so much!...........and just simply............thanks!