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The website has updated upcoming tv listings for the month of July. Both Columbo episodes and other movie listings are available! Still no release dates for his new cinema movies though.

Re: website

Thanks Headache...I will check it out.......but Geesh!! what a dry post from you!!!! Where is the humor??? Where is the passion???.......oh Hell!! I guess you can't be "on" all the time!!
(you do know that i am only joking with you, right?)

Re: website

Well...I finally checked it out. Why oh Why oh Why don't I have the Hallmark Channel?? I know I could just throw in one of my tapes or dvds....but it is wonderful to see them when they are actually on tv.

I did think it was cute that the title of the page was "Peter Falk on TV"....and there is that little B&W picture of him sitting "on" that big TV.

Re: Re: website

A few months back, I bought a couple of Peter's drawings from his site and the person running that side of things could not have been more pleasant or helpful. One of the sketches wasn't actually for sale, but they got Peter to dig out the original from his studio and had a print made of it. Good people. And a very nice souvenir for anyone who hasn't yet taken them up on this.