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Lew Ayres': bad hair day?

Lew Ayres hair in "Mind Over Mayhem" was terrible! It was ven worse than Columbo's!!

Re: Lew Ayres': bad hair day?

There were a couple of people wh had a bad hair day. John Cassevetes in Etude In Black, Bradford Dillman in The Green House Jungle and Julie Newmar in DOuble Shock. We might never know if that was intentional to the character or their hair stylist wasn't there that day.

Re: Lew Ayres': bad hair day?

Ye...Lew...was looking a bit askew!!!
And Damian...yes Bradford Dillman gets my top award for bad hair!! What was he thinking???

But John Cassavetes????????? Oh no no no....he looked so sexy and gorgeous!!! He was a genius conductor..he had to have crazy hair!!!

Re: Re: Lew Ayres': bad hair day?

Partly because of that sort of haunted look in his eyes, but partly because of the hair, I've always thought that Bradford Dillman looked like Bruce Dern (especially Bruce Dern at the same general time). But only in that Columbo episode, not anywhere else.

Re: Lew Ayres': bad hair day?

lol... i agree about lew ayres.

and, oh, that bowl cut on tracy the art student. she clearly used a real bowl.

Re: Lew Ayres': bad hair day?

Dean Stockwell's hair in 'Troubled Waters' gets my vote though probably because hes got so much more than me