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Re: Plot line goofs?

Galesko had Alvin inspect the properties for him. So, presumably Alvin's fingerprints are all over the houses, including the crime scene. But not on the alarm clock. Why?

Re: Plot line goofs?

Boy! aren't we all so smart and observant!!! I love it!!

Re: Re: Plot line goofs?

In Lovely but Lethal, Viveca's prints should be on the magazine that she wrote on to offer Carl more money. Columbo looks at it closely enough to notice that the figures were written with a make-up pencil, but why doesn't he see or check for any prints?

Re: Plot line goofs?

And 2 telephone problems....
In How to Dial a Murder...couldn't they check the phone records to see if Dr. Mason had called from the examining room when he was having his test done?
And on the same Old Fashioned Murder...couldn't they check the phone records of the museum to see if Milton Schaeffer actually called his brother from there?

Re: Re: Plot line goofs?

And I always thought Dr. Mason was quite lucky that there was a telephone in the examination room, that he could get an outside line, and that he knew the code for an outside line. And that the doctor would leave him alone at exactly 3:00. Also, what if Charlie wouldn't have answered the phone? It's not his house, not his phone...I wouldn't have answered it.

But this is still one of my favorite episodes!

Re: Plot line goofs?

All excellent points!!
And it is probably my second favorite episode. I love it.

"Let's run away and be Indians, Charlie."

Re: Re: Plot line goofs? Old Fashioned Murder

Tim O'Connor is recording on tape all the artefacts on tape. Surely the noise of the gunshot will be on the tape?

Re: Plot line goofs?

Great point Kev. Boy you people are so smart!!