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Message to Michael Kheifetz

Apparently I misjudged you. I thought you were a real Columbo fan like the rest of us, except for that one prank. Instead, you are proving yourself to be very immature and anti-social. There are a billion places on the internet where you can play that game -- you don't need to do it here.

I knew that it was you posting as "Lieutenant Columbo," the same way I knew it was you posting as Cassavetes, and the same way I knew that you posted as David Letterman and, at 5:41 am, as "Ted".

Actually, your fake explanation as "Ted" is close. You claim that you never posted your name here, but you are wrong. You must have a short memory. You posted here as "Michael Kheifetz" just recently -- the post is still on the Board, if you want to look for it. That should be all you need to know.

I'll give you another chance to behave like a normal person. You can pick any (original) Forum Name that you want, but, any more of this posting as someone else here, and you will be dis-invited to participate on this board.

There is no such thing as completely "banning" a person, but I can make it considerably inconvenient for you to post -- take my word for it. I'm giving you this opportunity to stop being a deliberate nuisance. One more forged post from you, and you will no longer be a welcome guest in our living room. What you are doing is rude and unfair to our fellow guests.

I apologize to everyone, especially those that I impostered, especially Cas since she takes it a lot

Sorry about this to everyone, I just liked playing the game but now I am stopping. I want to say sorry to Cas who it seems got really disappointed, please do not remain angry at me, because I had only 2 intentions, one was to trick everyone that I was Columbo, and after Ted figured out that I am Michael Kheifetz, I wanted to know how he figured it out, and even though he says I posted in my real name, I looked over the forum and cannot find such a post. Can you show me Ted? I am promising that I am stopping doing any troubles. I love Columbo too. Please trust me, I meant no harm to anyone. Apologize for any inconvienience. Sorry once again.

Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

Michael, thanks for the apology -- it's takes a big person to do that, and you sound sincere.

You posted as Michael Kheifetz in the thread about "Columbo's First Name".

Welcome to the Forum.

Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

Yes, I now realized. I am so stupid I didnt figure out before. Once again, I am sorry. No harm intended.

Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

ok...michael...all is forgiven....i must say really drove me a little crazy there...and you really hurt my feelings...but i will get over it...i thank you for the apology and i sincerely accept it...and i would really like to see you post about columbo on here...there will be no hard feelings from me...

Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

Thank you Cas for forgiving me, I appreciate it. I have just 1 question, I hope u dont get upset at me, Ted how did you know that Michael Kheifetz was the one that was playing this prank, I mean how did u know that it was me and not someone else? I am interested in this purely from a detective perspective.

Re: Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

Michael, I except your apology as well! I just hope you mean it!! You can't go around hurting peoples feelings the way you did and what you did to Cassa was totally uncalled for to say the least!! I just hope and pray that you came to your senses and that you will never do it again!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

That might forever remain a mystery to you micheal on how Ted it was you but he did figure it out. NOw lets talk about why we are all here C-O-L-U-M-B-O-.

All is forgotten anf forgiven from me. I have been a longtime poster since 1999 or so I believe. If I can rember correctly

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

but i am curios how he figured it out.

Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

hey's me cassa.....don't worry about it....he is the admin on here....he must have his ways.....just let it go....and let me hear you talk about columbo..i would be interested to hear your views...
hey!!! we have been best enemies....(you little son-of-a-gun!!!)..and now we are best friends....i would love to hear your thoughts and stuff on columbo...that is what we are here for, right??

Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

ok i go!!

so much do you like etude in black??...don't fail me now!!!!!!...give me your views...tell me what you think about john cassavetes....and the great chemistry that happened between him and peter...
this will be your saving grace to can tell me all about what you thought about the episode...and i will take it as a further plaudit to me versus what the heck you did to me....will you do that for me?....i hope so....
hey....michael...i am a nice person...only a jersey girl...and it was a tough thing you put me through, but it is over...........and i would really like to hear your thoughts here...
do you realize that the post that ted mentioned...the thing about columbo's first name?..where you posted with your real name....well you asked to see where it said "frank" as columbo's first name...and i was the one who replied to you and told you where to look on this very site to see it....isn't that strange??..i thought i helped you out and then you turned around and..........ok .....forget it....
i hope you have seen etude in black...and now you have to tell me what you thought of it....thank you...

Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

Cas, I wont do it anymore since it is making u angry, Jersey girl. I am from Philly by the way. Listen, I NEVER INTENDED any harm, I just like to fool people, not for them to feel bad, I dont believe in anger. Columbo is never angry. Wait, which episode is etude in black? I will post and then check episode guides. lol Cas dont get angry at plz

Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz misunderstood every single one of my posts......i was never ever angry...never...i was just a bit hurt...i am not the type of woman to get angry....but i do not like getting hurt....let us move on, my philly neighborhood friend...i am in central jersey...a mere drop in the bucket from you......
and darn it!!! you better know which episode is etude in black...and you better tell me what you think about it...and about cassavetes...................hey michael? owe me one right??? the way my nephew,who is also my godson is a michael...and i have a cousin who is named michael also....and, you know what??....michaels are always so 2 are...and now i guess i met a new mischievous michael too!

Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

lol, u r funny Cas. Wait, I forgot to check which episode that is, let me check and then post. Where in Jersey do u leave? I am in Northeast Pjhilly.

Re: Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

I dont recall watching that episode, at least it wasnt my favorite. Is it urs because Cas plays there? R u related to him btw?

Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

no michael i am not related to john cassavetes....but darnit i wish i was!!!! he is my idol....well come to think of it i really wouldn't want to be related to him....i would have rather been his honey and his wife!!......ok...enough of that!!!!
and you don't recall seeing etude in black???????????????????? you have hurt me more than before!!!!!! (only kidding!) is a great one john is fanatastic in it..and he and peter are great together...2 real-life friends having a ball!!
ok..philly friend.....(i can't believe i am saying that after all the stuff you put me through! ).....i am from central jersey...the part that juts out when you look at a map of the jersey shore line....i am in long branch.....105 off the garden state is a great place to live...
you just keep being a good promise, right??
good to "talk" with you..................

Re: Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

Yes, I am good, stop reminding me. What is the city called. U live close to Wildwood. I like the episodes where Columbo doesnt know who murdered right away. Also, I like the old ones more then the new ones which r kinda boring like that new music one, the compsoer one. DO they still show Columbo on channel 72 Bravo because a couple of days ago I checked and it wasnt on the program for the next couple of days. they used to show it every day.

Re: Message to Michael Kheifetz

we used to go to wildwood all the time for is the second to last stop on the parkway...cape may is the last...wildwood has a great boardwalk....terrific!!.....
as far as the newer episodes of columbo are concerned..i have only seen 2 or 3....and the ones i have seen do not compare with the original 45...i am prejudiced that way...but i will have to check some more of them out when they air on tv and maybe i will change my mind...
and no...sadly, bravo, channel 72, is not showing columbo anymore...i have heard that it is on the hallmark station....which i do not have...and also on the biography station which i have at our other little house...