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Which Episode ?

One episode stands out in my mind, but I don't know its title. Columbo is on the trail of the bad guy, who is politically connected with LA city officials. The bad guy convinces the powers that be to have Columbo turn over the case file to the bad guy, who says he is only trying to help. Unlike most other people who would go ballistic over such a request that might compromise an investigation, Columbo dutifully turns over the case file to the bad guy. Columbo, of course, still manages to catch the bad guy in the end anyway. Anyone know which episode this was ?

Re: Which Episode ?

MAM..I am thinking of A Friend in Deed...but I don't know...could you be a litte more specific..and maybe we could help you out................and by the way....HI!...I don't think I have seen you on this forum before...but welcome..

Re: Which Episode ?

In "Murder Of A Rock Star" (one of the "new" episodes), the killer is a big-shot defense lawyer, who "has never lost a murder case", so he knows a bit about forensics and murder investigations -- he's also a personal friend of the mayor. And for these reasons, Columbo is ordered to share his case file with the killer.

In "A Friend In Deed" (an "old" episode), which Cassa remembers, the killer himself is Columbo's boss, so he just plain orders Columbo to show him the file.

Hope this helps, MAM.

Re: Re: Which Episode ?

I read a more detailed write up of the plot of "Murder of a Rock Star," and that sounds like the one to me. Many, many thanks to all who helped solve this one.

Re: Which Episode ?

In a Trace of Murder the killer is somebody on the forensic team. I think he offers to help Columbo. Can't really remember this one. Only seen it once.

A Trace of Murder

Re: Which Episode ?

Anyone know how to make links clickable in this forum. My link above doesn't work

Re: Which Episode ?

uh....yeah i do welshie....i'll explain it to you sometime..............