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Best Alibi

I have had columbo fever for the last few months. I did a topic on worst alibi now what about the best alibi? I would really have to stop and think about it for along time. But since I am too lazy who do you think has the best alibi?

And thanks for clearing up the mess. I have been threw it on many boards and it does nothing but distract people from what the forum is for. Which is Columbo.

Re: Best Alibi

"Murder By the Book," "Double Exposure,"
and "Playback" come to mind.

Re: Re: Best Alibi

Any time the killer can use the Lieutenant himself as an alibi witness -- "A Case of Immunity" and "Columbo Goes to College."

Re: Re: Re: Best Alibi

I agree, but I would add to the pile "Troubled Waters". He actually put his life at risk creating his alibi. Also, "A Friend in Deed", like "A Case of Immunity", has the police believing they witnessed the act.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Best Alibi

I would say "Negative Reaction" was the best alibi. Of course, Galesko made mistakes, but that's the point.
Kay Freestone and Hayden Danzinger made up good alibis (BTW it was clear that Danzinger did not endager his life, but he made himself sick) in "Make Me A Perfect Murder" and "Troubled Waters", but they both built a trap for themselves because there was a only a limited number of possible suspects, i.e. the people in the building of CNC, and the passengers on the boat. On the other hand Ward Fowler's (in "Fade into Murder") had the advantage of having an infinite number of suspects, but his arrogance did him in..if he hadn't revealed himself to Claire Daily, she wouldn't have had her hands up which gave Columbo a critical clue.