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Re: Just a quick test

Don't know why there's no video Cass. Its the same clip I posted over at Colsy's forum. That worked for you didn't it?

Glad you liked it Stan


Re: Just a quick test

I just tried it again and there still was no video....but it did work for me on the colsy I can watch it over there.

Re: Just a quick test

My Columbo shelf

Re: Re: Just a quick test

That looks GREAT Welshdragon! That gives me an idea, I think I'll do something like that! That reminds me,did you ever buy the few Columbo episodes that were out awhile back on the VHS format? I was very tempted to buy those, but for some strange reason I didn't and it really hurt me at the time. Now I'm glad I didn't because I bought the first two seasons on DVD and intend to buy the remaining seasons when they are available in the near future.

Re: Just a quick test

This is great Welshdragon!!! You will never cease to amaze me!!!!

Re: Just a quick test

I'm confused Cass. The clip is exactly the same one that I posted over there

Re: Just a quick test

I just don't know....It must be some unexplainable phenomenon, Welshie!!!!!
I tried the video...knowing me, you must be sitting there saying "that stupid idiot girl is probably doing something wrong!!!"

Re: Just a quick test


That's a perfect name for one so evil. The video worked for me. Thanks for the time you put into that, Welshdragon!