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Re: Re: Ideas for new episodes

Somebody else would investigate the case!! Some police officer with whom he usually works.

Re: Ideas for new episodes

Seagent Wilson

absolutely the best idea I for a new episode

I was thinking what about an new episode where finally Columbo gets promoted to Captain in the end of the show but during the episode Columbo gets an invitation to talk about forensics at the Police Academy. Two cocky students team up and kill their male commander whenhe threatens to expose them both for being to friendlt with each other. This outing could ruin their career so the decide to silent thim before he tells the commandant

Re: Ideas for new episodes

Paul that was a goodie!!!

And Damian...interesting...but it sounds alot like Columbo Goes To College.

Re: Re: Ideas for new episodes

That's interesting about having Columbo himself commit a crime. How about coming full circle with Gene Barry finally getting out of prison for the murder of his wife, marrying a lady who's in love with him vis prison letters. Columbo decides it's deju vu and has to consider killing the pychiatrist in order to prevent a murder?