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Re: running down hill

You are quite welcome Paul!! You have grown up to be a big boy...and quite the Columbo Fan!!

And that is a cool idea....I wonder if anyone wants to try would that mean I would have to stop typing all these dots!!! (elipses)

Re: running down hill

With all the strange things going on here lately, maybe we shouldn't try it just yet

Re: running down hill

Good Point!!!

Re: Re: running down hill

That was always one of my favorite Columbo scenes because it seemed like something the real Columbo would do. I was exceptionally PO'd when Bravo cut that scene out of a rerun of that episode. To me that scene spoke volumes about Columbo the person.

Re: Re: Re: running down hill

I think you've made an excellent point! Which really brings up a related topic--are there any other scenes from other episodes that appear to be "accidental" but were left in because they seemed true to the plot or character?

Re: Re: Re: running down hill

The way this was filmed introduces the opportunity to use a stunt double. There are 2 breaks. 1. Peter 2. Double 3. Peter

You can view the scene on youtube and see what I mean.