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Re: Where's the security checks in The Most Crucial Game?

That episode was taped back in the early seventies and security wasn't much of an issue back then. In the mid seventies I worked for a local small college football team that had some connections with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was able to drive into the inner parking circle at Three Rivers Stadium where the players parked and could walk right in the players entrance, even on game day and nobody ever questioned my presence there. Except one time when Chuck Knoll gave me the hairy eyeball about why I was in their locker room. I was eighteen years old and here's the coach of the defending Super Bowl champs giving me the staredown, think I wasn't intimidated? And if you think Bill Cowher has a tough look to him on the sidelines, you should have seen Chuck Knoll's icy stare. Made Cowher look like a schoolboy. LOL

Re: Re: Where's the security checks in The Most Crucial Game?

Thanks for that TFL.

I do remember a Quincy episode made in the late 70s at the Coliseum where there was security checks at the gate.

Could point Joe about the uniform. Also what did he do with it?

I think Hanlon gave himself away to Columbo with the tapes of the bugged calls. He was very insistent that Wagner get in the pool and Columbo suspecting it wasn't a simple drowning must have asked himself why was he so insistent for him to get into the pool.

Re: Where's the security checks in The Most Crucial Game?

Very interesting stuff TFL...that is pretty cool.