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Re: Re: Re: Re: "It's for you lieutenant."

Is this really a running joke. Are these phone calls not just a way of moving the plot along? If Columbo takes a call from his office in front of the suspect then the suspect gets to know how Columbo is slowly closing in on them or how their alibi is slowly being unpicked.

I agree that it has been done to comedic effect - Requiem for a Falling Star is proof of that.

Re: "It's for you lieutenant."

I think there was deeper meaning to it than just a running joke. Every nuance of Columbo's character and of his actions are put there for a reason. Yes there are times when it was just used as a comedic thing, like how Jilted pointed out, in Requiem, but in that one Columbo called his home..he didn't receive a call.

Re: "It's for you lieutenant."

I think the telephone calls probably first showed up as a way to advance the plot(pre-cell phone) but they turned into a kind of subliminal gag. The telephone call Columbo receives in “Columbo Goes To College” is certainly staged since it gives Justin and Cooper information they use to incriminate themselves.

Re: Re: "It's for you lieutenant."

I always like the fact that, even NOW, Columbo probably wouldn't carry a cell phone. I just got one for the first time today. (And still have mixed feelings about it, just as he would!)

Re: "It's for you lieutenant."

I agree with all the points so far...but in "Requiem," i actually got the impression that Columbo was annoyed with his department for calling at that point and letting Nora Chandler know too soon what department he was from.

When Nora says "which department?!" Columbo makes a slightly exasperated face, and when he gets on the phone with Homicide, he says, "...don't bother me now!"

Re: "It's for you lieutenant."

This thread is so old that even I posted on it!!

Re: "It's for you lieutenant."

Does anyone know of an episode where Columbo does NOT receive a phone call? The funniest one to me was in Murder in Malibu when the housekeeper comes in and she is dismissed by Jess, only to find out there is a phone call or the Lt.

Re: "It's for you lieutenant."

hey paul!