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Re: Actor's Real Names

Let's see...

Ray Milland
Ross Martin
Gene Barry (just a guess on this one)
Lee Grant
Eddie Albert
Louis Jourdan
Vera Miles
Laurence Harvey
Jose Ferrer
Robert Conrad

John Cooperman Jr. has me stumped. (I think looking them up is cheating, so I will leave it for a bigger trivia buff than I.)

Re: Actor's Real Names

You did great Lee!!! I thought the Ray Milland one would be a stumper!!
And John Cooperman Jr.?.....don't over-think is pretty easy!!

Re: Actor's Real Names

John Cooperman = Jackie Cooper?

Re: Actor's Real Names

Great question Cassa, Headache will be proud

Re: Actor's Real Names

Thanks Paul.

And yes John...that's right....see how easy it was.

Re: Re: Actor's Real Names

Apparently Lyova Rosenthal is a Civil War
buff since she took the name
"Lee (Robert E)-Grant (Ulysses S)"

Re: Actor's Real Names

Well that was cool!