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Episodes on DVD

I just discovered this forum a few days ago and I've already posted a coupla things (all of you will soon tire me) but I had to mention one thing. I was reading the back pages and someone wrote of having bought bootleg Columbo DVDs. A few months ago I saw an internet offer of all 69 episodes for only a hundred bucks and being not-so-bright I bought them. They are obviously home-made and some of them have iffy picture quality, but on the plus side they are uncut and I've seen (espec. "Agenda For Murder")entire conversations that I'd never seen on A&E, WGN, etc. You get what you pay for. I guess it was worth it.

Re: Episodes on DVD

Well hi C Crisp! and welcome! Great to have you here But believe one can be as tiring as me!
I have often contemplated getting the newer episodes..because I have seen so few of them.
And I know what you mean about the normally deleted scenes when they are aired on various networks. As I have said here before, when I buy the dvds those scenes are like the bonus material.

Re: Episodes on DVD

I'd say you were lucky you actually got something for the money, but since its official release on DVD, I don't know why anyone would be so impetuous.

I mean, what's the hurry and where's the bargain?

I would never buy bootleg material whe n the real mccoy is already available (or soon to be), but I'm still waiting on major studios like Universal to make their productions available by-the-episode.

I enjoy most of the content on each of my DVD purchases, or I wouldn't spend such obscene amounts on the digital outrage that delivers it, but if I was given a choice, I'd much rather tailor-make them than to purchase full seasons.

Re: Episodes on DVD

I think my posting was the one you were refering to regarding a complete set of DVD'S of all Columbo episodes including the ABC movies. Yes they are of home made quality but I figured it was better then nothing. I was getting tired of waiting for and watching Bravo or A&E run the same episode over and over each week. Anyway this site is the next best thing to watching a Columbo episode even if it is for the 500th time.