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Hello everybody ,I have returned. Peter Falk is now making a movie with Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore called "Next". I hope it will be good and I hope Peter Falk is really in this movie!! Nicolas Cage plays a man who can see into the future. I hope Peter Falk is in this movie and has a lot of screen time.

I hope Peter Falk will make another "Columbo" film. I have heard nothing yet. Peter Falk better get on the ball and make another one!! Peter Falk has some movies in the can , I hope they will be released this year.

2.The Book of Joe
3.Checking Out

I hope we will get to see these movies soon. I have enjoyed Peter Falk's work on "Columbo" and other films as well." Columbo" the complete fifth season will be out in June. I better sign out for now, thanks for reading.

Re: Next

Hi Vitoria! I hadn't heard about this movie 'Next' sounds like it could be very good.

Re: Next

happy victorias day victoria!

Re: Next

yes..definitely..happy victoria's day to you victoria!
the holiday is celebrated at different times in different countries..but queen victoria's actually birthday is may 24th............which, i may add, is also my wedding anniversary. my honey, al and i will be married 20 years tomorrow!
and we are still so very happy...i love you al!!!

ok.................back to columbo!!