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RIP, Mrs. Columbo

I like this episode. Sgt. Brady reminds me of "Mack" who we see on Last Salute to the Commodore. However, I don't think brady is in any other episodes (am I right here?) I think it would have been good to have him back again. Ms. Dimitri was sure a villian-ess, wasn't she?

I'll never eat orange marmalade again

Re: RIP, Mrs. Columbo

You know steve, I brought the Mack thing up a while back in a post. I would have liked to have seen him more on the show, after all, he is a young detective up and coming. But I guess Universal had other plans.

As far as RIP Mrs Columbo, I liked it very much also.

Re: Re: RIP, Mrs. Columbo

this is also one of the only newer episodes that i like...i like the way columbo plays her while hes eating the marmalade...i also think of that episode whenever i see orange marmalade

Re: Re: Re: RIP, Mrs. Columbo

"Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo" was the best ABC years episode and better than most NBC episodes too.
It was a phenomenal story. Sergeant Brady was decent as the sidekick. However, it is Columbo's style to basically work alone. Do not expect many recurring sidekicks.

It would be cool to have a scene in a future episode in which multiple sidekicks of the past appear (A surprise birthday party for the Lieutenant as part of the B-plot, perhaps. This worked wonders on "7th Heaven," the episode in which several people Eric Camden helped over the previous year show up at his surprise birthday party.)

Re: RIP, Mrs. Columbo

I also think this is a very good episode. However, I believe that it was lemon marmalade (not orange) that Vivian gave Columbo.