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Phone at Carsini Winery

When Columbo is trying to ascertain the weather report from the LA Chronicle at Carsini's winery, he dials 9 numbers to be connected to the paper. Are we to assume that it is long distance? But 9 numbers is a weird 'number' of numbers to dial isn't it? Don't worry, sounds confusing to me too.

Re: Phone at Carsini Winery

Welcome back from the grave Rick. How was it? Boy that was mean of your brother clubbing you over the head like that and then leaving you in the wine cellar. Last I saw of you though you were still breathing. You brother was stupid to leave the top down in your car becasue that's what started Columbo wondering in the first place. As for the phone thing, I'm going to have to watch that part of the episode again and get back to U. But I'm sure by then many more wiser than I will have responded

Re: Re: Phone at Carsini Winery

Interesting, I never noticed that but now like you Fred, I'm going to have to watch that again. If I can find where I putit.