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I haven't written one for a bit so here goes.

1. "I couldn't talk to her about this Mr. Grindel, she'd think I'm working on a dangerous case. She cries easily. She cries when she loses at bowling."

2. "There's no crime for shooting a dead body."

3. "I kept waiting for the button to light up. Never lit up. I couldn't figure out what the hell you were doing in here."

4. "I'm innocent. You can huff and puff on that rotten cigar until next July and you'll never prove otherwise."

5. "...and he took the time to buy me a couple of pints."

6. "You surprised me today, but there's always tomorrow. And the day after that, and the day after that."

7. "Zeke? Still here?" "Yep. Been here for 20 minutes already."

8. "...and you'll notice there is no gun. Not anymore. Because you got rid of it."

Re: Quotes!!

I'll take number three. Candidate For Crime.

Re: Quotes!!

ok..i'll take #5...
it's from Dagger of the Mind.
Joe the doorman is talking about how nicky frame bought him some pints at the pub.

Re: Quotes!! I don't want to be a know-it-all...

Cass got #5 which I did not know. Number 7 is a toughie. But I believe the others are
1. Swan Song
2. Murder In Malibu
3. Candidate For Crime
4. Exercise In Fatality
6. Prescription: Murder
8. Make Me A Perfect Murder

Re: Re: Quotes!! I don't want to be a know-it-all...

Ah, the pesky #7.....

But you guys are good, I'll give you that nuch

Re: Quotes!!

#7 is Columbo Undercover right?

God bless,


Re: Re: Quotes!!

Good job Mathew. I think that solves them all. I"m going to have to think harder next time I post one of these babies.

Re: Quotes!!

nice job as usual steve!