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Columbo: Make Me A Perfect Murder

This is an overlooked "Columbo" movie in my opinion. "Make Me A Perfect Murder" was a solid "Columbo" movie in my opinion. Trish Van Devere did a really good job playing her character.This one aired February 28 1978. I really enjoyed this one. I liked the scene where Columbo is playing with switches and buttons , that was a very fun scene to watch. He was listening to music. This had a lot of character development to it. I liked the chemistry between Columbo and the killer.

Peter Falk has some movies in the can, they are

2.The Book of Joe
3.Checking Out

I do not know when these will come out, we will see what we will see. "Columbo " the complete fifth season will be out June 27th 2006. I am very excited about that. I wonder how Trish Van Devere is doing now , she is probably living off George C. Scott's money , good for her. She is very lucky in that respect.Thanks for reading everybody , I will sign out for now.

Re: Columbo: Make Me A Perfect Murder

nice to hear from you again, victoria. i hope that you enjoyed your namesakes' holiday.

yup..trish van devere was indeed 'mrs. patton'...he must have been an interesting person to know..a bit firey..but interesting.

Re: Columbo: Make Me A Perfect Murder

I agree with everything you say about Trish van der
Veer, but I think actually Peter Falk put in a poor performance in this one. He takes on the "arrogant
and goofy" persona that became his trademark in the later episodes of the original series and all the episodes of the 1980's revival. I liked him a lot better as the "humble and mildly eccentric" personality that he started out with.
Still, this is an outstanding episode. Kay Freestone
is a very complex character, unlike most of the murderers. To Mark McAndrews she is a scheming, cold
person, but she also has a tender, caring side for Valerie Kirk.

Re: Re: Columbo: Make Me A Perfect Murder

I happened to like this ipisode very much, in fact it is one of my favorites.

Re: Re: Columbo: Make Me A Perfect Mattress Mistress

Yeah, Kay had a soft spot for Valerie alright ... they called them queen sized beds in 1978 too, and it was very first time the show was used to gratify such behavior.