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Double SHOCK....

Well, not really, but I was surprised to find Tim O'Connor (Michael Hathaway) and Paul Stewart (Clifford Paris) appearing together in a Hawaii Five-O episode. This time O'Connor was in the principal role as the mastermind of a jewel heist.

"Double Shock" will always rank among my top ten favorites, but I do get a kick out of the "health nut" profile they assigned to Stewart's character, because that's the last attribute I would have placed on an actor that looked like a bag of wrinkled skin at his very best, to say nothing of a devoted amazon-style sexpot eager to marry anything but his money.

Re: Double SHOCK....

..I don't know....I think Paul Stewart looked kinda sexy in the bathtub!

Re: Re: Double SHOCK....

Cass you are too much!!!

Re: Double SHOCK....

Landau delivers as convincing a job playing two distinctly different people as the film crew does in making it seem so real, and that's what I really appreciate about this one.

Interesting to note that Landau was the original choice for the role of Mr. Spock on Star Trek, but as we all know, it went to Leonard Nimoy, who would later replace him on Mission Impossible.

I can see why too ... were it not for his boney physique, he'd have made a marvelous Spock.

Re: Re: Double SHOCK....

I am sorry to be a party-pooper, but I don't care for "Double Shock". I am a BIG
fan of Martin Landau from Mission: Impossible (and it was there, in the episode "The Mind of Stefan Miklos" which is considered one of the finest in the series) that Landau (as Rollin Hand) impersonated two people with entirely different personalities). What bugs me about this one is the nasty housekeeper played by Jeanette Nolan (who is actually a fine actress) but her character really gets on my nerves.

It is good that Landau turned down Mr Spock, because he is ten times the actor Leonard Nimoy is..emotionless Spock was perfect for the one-dimensional Nimoy, whereas Mission Impossible gave Landau the opportunity to play a very wide array of characters, something that Nimoy really isn't good at.

Re: Double SHOCK....

I keep expecting Jeanette Nolan to completely flip out, start cackling and turn Columbo into a frog or something. "Night Gallery" fans will understand.

I agree with your analysis YM but you did fail to mention one redeeming feature of this ep....
the yummy Julie Newmar.

Re: Double SHOCK....

...Julie Newmar. Heh-heh. Heh-heh.