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Thanks to Ted Kerin

Thanks for the informative post under the Murder by Suicide thread from several days back.

It prompted a new look at the Scrapbook entry Day at the View. "Hey,lookit that guy!"

This is a wonderful web site. I found it 3 years ago but only returned recently to really note the fan forum and become a participant.

Thanks for your enthusiastic development and contributions to this site.

Re: Thanks to Ted Kerin

And Ted is cute too!!!

Re: Re: Thanks to Ted Kerin

Hey Cass .... EVEYONE is cute to you I think :) :)

Re: Thanks to Ted Kerin

Believe me Fred...I have very discriminating tastes!

Re: Thanks to Ted Kerin

Aww, you guys are makin' me blush.

I'll be away from home next week, but will try to stay in touch.

Re: Thanks to Ted Kerin

blush away ted! you deserve it.