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Friday Columbo Quiz

"It's not my department, you understand. But we're a very modern police force, generally speaking."

"Of course it's there dummy, I put it there."

FILL IN THE BLANK: "And this is my wife's niece, _____________. She's 14, that's our dog and that was taken in Griffith Park."

"Mr. Tanner was quite disturbed, finding the Master expired before breakfast and all."

"We have GOT to have a piece of this cheese."

"He knew. He knew it was going to blow up."

"Amil Nitrate?!"

"Boy that's a big ocean. Japan, is it that way?"

Re: Friday Columbo Quiz

#3 Wife's niece is Annette 14 years old.
#4 Mr Tanner is the English butler in Dagger of thr Mind.
5. Columbo wants the cheese from the murder desk in Agenda for Murder.
6. From Bird in the hAND.

#1 & 7 I can see and hear them but can't quite think of them.

Re: Re: Friday Columbo Quiz

Guess on Amil Nitrate!! Was it from Stitch in Crime? Where Nimoy shoots up the former dope addict who was friendly with the nurse?

Re: Re: Re: Friday Columbo Quiz

Nope, not nimoy!!

Re: Friday Columbo Quiz

I think #1 is from Playback.
#7 Troubled Waters
#8 I think is from Last Salute to the Commodore

Re: Friday Columbo Quiz

...and not from troubled waters either?? the capsules that danziger snaps under his nose...

Re: Re: Friday Columbo Quiz

It has to be troubled waters. When the doctor says to Columbo..."Amil nitrate!" Yeah, that has to be correct. I guess I chimed in way too late on this quiz, all the others have been answered.

Re: Friday Columbo Quiz

yeah...i used to be what is lovingly referred to around here as a "quote hog" and answer a whole i try and limit it to one or 2 at the beginning....and then see how it goes.