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Re: Supporting Actor John Finnegan

oh, oh! speaking of actors who appear more than once. this has been driving me crazy, and i am too lazy to spend time looking through credits to figure it out.

the guy who played the doctor or doctor's assistant in "a stitch in crime"--the one who tells columbo that suture is the only thing with a chemical base that is purchased from MAC and who gets so excited while watching the bowel resection.....he was in at least one other episode, but i can't remember which one(s). does anyone know offhand? i remember seeing him recently and thinking, "that's the same guy!" but i can't remember which episode or role now.

i can't help it. it's like getting ahold of half of something, and you can't get the other half.

i was up all night! these things BOTHER me!

Re: Supporting Actor John Finnegan

I'm too lazy to go check, but wasn't he the film editor in Double Exposure who demonstrated subliminal cuts to Columbo?

Re: Re: Supporting Actor John Finnegan

****....I just watched this episode LAST night. Well, I'll double check it 'cuz I left the tape cued up at the end where the credits were rolling. Stand by, later today I'll have it. I hope....

Re: Supporting Actor John Finnegan

Interesting...i'll have to cue that one up. I can't picture who that subliminals guy was. It is not ringing a bell as being the same person, but i will have to check. Thanks!