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I haven't posted on in awhile so here goes....good luck and have fun

“We call it ‘loco’ Lieutenant.”

“That’s a special recipe made with Squirrel meat. Good, ain’t it?”

“No, I get dizzy in elevators. In fact, I don’t even like being this tall.”

“I didn't mean to irritate you. I'll have to look into this some other time. Perhaps if you're available tomorrow?"

“Uh, oh he moved. Harold moved.”

“It's a matter of time. Just time. The murderer, he can't keep up the charade forever. They all mess up sooner or later”

“Now you’re back on schedule. Don’t worry boys – it only hurts for a little while.”

Episode name: Name the episode where we see “Bachelor’s World” magazine.

“There’s a knock at the door……”

Re: Quotes....

wow! these are pretty tough i'll just go for the easy one..

obviously the squirrel meat one is from swan song.

the elevator one is on the tip of my tongue...i want to say swan song again when he is talking with the plane crash investigator...but i just don't know.

Re: Re: Quotes....

Moosey loves to see Cass squirm.....

Re: Re: Re: Quotes....

3. Doesnt like being this tall is also from Swan Song. Although in Trouble d Waters he says he's not too good in elevators either.

5. Harold moved (flinched) in Bird in Hand.

8, Bachelor's World is Columbo Cries Wolf.
Or are you asking if the mag appeared in another episode?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Quotes....

Nope, you've got it correct (Bachelors world)

Re: Quotes....

Thanks a lot Moosey!!

About Bachelor's World..I keep thinking of Mike Lally in Make Me a Perfect Murder as the security guard looking at that magazine in the lobby while Kay Freestone is luking around with her tape have 35 have 30 seconds...

Is the 'loco' one from A Matter of Honor???

(I'm just making wild guesses here!! )

Re: Quotes....

oops! guess i was wrong about bachelor's world.

Re: Quotes....

in the imfamous words of swaney in the last salute...
"wait an minuter..wait a minute...wait a minute.."
i think the elevator one might have been from troubled waters where columbo wants to go to the sick bay and then someone tells him to take the lift..

Re: Re: Quotes....

I repeat my answer above:

When talkign to Mr Pangborn at the crash scene Columbo says he doesn't want a job with him because of flying...he tags at the end of it about elevators and not liking even "being this tall"

Re: Quotes....

You're right, Cass. The "loco" one is from "A Matter of Honor." It's the response to Columbo's having said that he has the occupational hazard of taking his work everywhere he goes.

The one about being back on schedule is said by Kay Freestone to the filming crew at the carousel location. She rips out part of the script to get them back on schedule just before she is fired and then nailed by Columbo.

Re: Quotes....

good one laura on the script thingy from make me a perfect murder....good job!!

Re: Re: Quotes....

the knock at the door was from "Murder, a Self Portrait." It was the beginninhgs of all of Louise's nightmares. That was a good one Fred, really made me think