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Re: Don't Understand Ending

yes, i think she looked very hot in that scene with her hair down waiting to watch 'this gun for hire'

Re: Re: Don't Understand Ending

Back to the original question:
When Carsini threw out the bad wine, it was a de facto admission after the restaurant scene that he knew his wines overheated. I can see Columbo saying, I just don't know how your'e gonna explain it sir. How did you know the ventilation was off unless you sir turned it off before your trip? You had the only access to all those expensive wines....etc, etc.

Re: Re: Re: Don't Understand Ending

The wine the day of the wine tasting was not spoiled. Adrian or one of the other 3 men would have said so. The wine brought back by Adrian was still good. The wine had to be spoiled, the AC off in between those two times.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Don't Understand Ending

It's been a few years since I watched this episode, but I always thought the evidence was weak against Adrian; however, the prospect of his life with his secretary (Julie Harris?) made him confess to his crime.

Re: Don't Understand Ending

Yea it's one of the least credible episodes but that's never been my criteria for an enjoyable Columbo. To me, it's all about the interaction between the villian and Columbo. In this regard, i've never understood the sympathy Adrian Carsini draws, from both viewers and Columbo. The man was a selfish indulgent ****** who squandered the family fortune, half of which was rightfully his brothers, and murdered him in order to continue to do so. His cold relationship with his secretary is another clue to his lack of any real emotion towards anyone but himself. I just don't see much likable about the guy. I do like the episode a lot though, because in spite of the incongruous treatment he recieves from Columbo at the end, it's an interesting character study of this type of person.

Re: Re: Don't Understand Ending

Sounds horrible but wouldn't the body start to decompose? Especially in that heat

Re: Don't Understand Ending

...but Steve, the guy loved wine...he can't be all that bad...