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Columbo vs. Perry Mason

The "subject" says (or asks) it all - whose case would win if Perry Mason defended a Columbo apprendee?
By the way, no fair saying Mason did, one time, have a client convicted. Her conviction was ultimately overturned and Mason got the real bad guy in the process.
And I know if Hamilton Berger is the prosecutor, poor Columbo would probably be very very disappointed.

Re: Columbo vs. Perry Mason

I think this is like the answer to the old question of "what would happen if an irresistible force met an immovable object?" (The answer to that one is that if there is such a thing as an irresistible force, then by definition there can't be an immovable object, and vice versa.)

Similarly, Perry Mason's clients are by definition innocent of whatever they're charged with, therefore it would be impossible for Columbo to arrest them. Or, conversely, Columbo always arrests the guilty party, therefore they could never hire Mason as their lawyer!

Re: Re: Columbo vs. Perry Mason

Okay, you all, in which episode of
Columbo was Perry Mason mentioned?

Re: Re: Re: Columbo vs. Perry Mason

I can't recall that episode - whichever one it was you'll have to tell us. (Did that ever happen?)
Well anyway I guess the premise is impossible. I would only say that some of Columbo's pieces of evidence (sometimes) are refutable in the sense of "a person would never act this way" OR "but why would he change his routine" type things.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Columbo vs. Perry Mason

It was in "Ransom for a Dead Man". Leslie Williams
accuses Columbo of using the "Perry Mason method" to break her down, by spreading supposedly false accusations about her, destroying her reputation.

Re: Columbo vs. Perry Mason

Actually, this one is quite easy. Perry would be able to get off Ned Diamond in Forgotten Lady. Remember, Ned confesses to the crime we all, including Columbo, know he didn't commit.

Re: Columbo vs. Perry Mason

Excellent John!!

Re: Re: Columbo vs. Perry Mason

Perry Mason really did lose one case. But it was not the scenario where a conviction was overturned because the real murderer was identified (although that did happen once or twice!)
I remember taping a Perry Mason when in advance (a re-run) they advertiesed he lost the case, but it was the overturned or reversed scenario.
I finally did tape a Perry Mason where his loss is really documented....but it was as follows.....
The beginning of the episode has Perry somewhat informally chatting with the Judge played by Robert Middleton. The judge says something to the effect that he (Perry) could {maybe} have won if he had argued thus and so .....etc., ...then the episode develops into a new unrelated story, which of course Perry wins.

So Perry's only documented TV loss is a reference point, not an episode. I think more than one involved an apparent loss before the final winning resolution.

It was not Columbo's job to prosecute. In his own words in at least one episode he says it's someone else's job to prosecute, judge and sentence.

Technically Columbo and Mason weren't playing each other and the subject question is a moot point.....but what do I know....I'm just a hair splitter with too much time on my hands...bothered by all those little things