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Re: "Columbo" house in NY Times Today

The L-shaped pool is on the right, in the foreground. The water is still so it doesn't call a lot of attention to itself, but you can see its reflective surface.

Re: Re: "Columbo" house in NY Times Today

oh, thanks, Ted. i see the pool now. it confused me because i remembered the blue tile on the sides of the pool, and i don't see any blue tile here.

one other thing i noticed about the pool in the columbo episodes. from some views (like when eric wagner is about to be murdered) you can see at least a foot of tile above the waterline, while from other viewpoints the waterline looks almost as high as the shore/patio. it makes me wish i could see a panoramic view of the whole pool, to see how it is designed.

Re: "Columbo" house in NY Times Today

Very cool Ted. I love the clean lines on that house.
And I want that car that's in the driveway!! Anybody know what kind of car it is?

Re: "Columbo" house in NY Times Today

Good job Ted, it was a very interesting article and quite timely. I believe the car in the picture is an a Porsche convertible from the 1960's.

Re: "Columbo" house in NY Times Today

I'm glad you folks enjoyed it. I made an error in saying that this was the "Charmed" house -- the article discusses several "famous" houses, and the "Charmed" house is a different one. Still, it was great fun to see that the lead photo showed a house so familiar to "Columbo" fans, so totally recognizable.

Re: "Columbo" house in NY Times Today

Thanks for the info on the car will you buy it for me??

And Ted, I read it the same way. I thought it had said it was used for the Charmed series.

Re: "Columbo" house in NY Times Today

its a porsche 356

Re: "Columbo" house in NY Times Today

thanks robbie....then i guess you'll have to buy it for me.