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More Mrs. Columbo Episodes

Since it's now official that the latest "bonus" we've been given is episode #4 of "Mrs. Columbo" (on the heels of episodes #2 and #3 in the last two sets), I think we can now say with certainty that Universal is going to palm off the entire run of this show when all is said and done over the course of future DVD sets, including releases of the ABC shows. It represents a cost-effective way of making money off episodes of a show no one in their right mind would ever buy if it were a stand-alone release, especially given how "Columbo" is the best-selling title among 70s Universal properties.

I won't be a bit surprised if Universal decides to release Season 6 as a stand-alone even with only three normal Columbo episodes and pads it out with the two hour Mrs. Columbo pilot episode.

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Re: More Mrs. Columbo Episodes

you are probably so right about this Eric....what a shame...

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I don't find it offensive at all ... Universal can dispense its material any way it wants to, and no one is forcing anyone to buy it, but frankly, I rather enjoy the Mrs. Columbo departures.

It's better than dead disc space. I mean, consider season one with disc five containing only "Blueprint", when they could easily have added a few extra series features and/or bonus eps.

In case it isn't well known, they included a McMillan and Wife ep with the first McCloud release ... "Murder by the Barrel".

I regard it as getting more than what you pay for -- I just wish they'd include eps from other series
(that aren't likely to see full season releases), like "Banacek" and "Ellery Queen".

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I know Mrs Columbo is considered blasphemy around these here parts, but I for one would love to see it.
Some of the later series have so few episodes that the only option is either to bundle two together or pad them out with Mrs Columbo episodes.