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It's All In The Game

You have to admit, Faye did a terrific job of portraying the high society woman that is trying to win Columbo over with charm, grace, and flirtations. Alas, as many other characters, she made many mistakes. Turning the heat up in the apartment. Making tons of phone calls to Lisa. Not realizing Columbo wasn't just flirting back with her. And there are others. Hell, I guess in order to make any Columbo plot, the murderer must leave some clues. Overall I was sort of 50-50 on this episode, went a bit slow for me in reality.

Re: It's All In The Game

Hi Steve
Good although this episode was,Faye did play this murderer quite well.But as a professional business woman she did under estimate Columbo.He still appeared at the most unexpected time.In the fashion shop where Faye even buys Columbo a tie,assuming that Columbo is her friend and obviously forgetting that he is out there to get her, and get her he does.But with a twist in the tail, by using her daughter as bait.:)