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explaining things away

Do you recognize these explanations? (I'm putting them in quotes, but doing this from memory so the quotes may not be exact.)

1. "We only wanted to cover the safe."

2. "The cuffs were frayed..."

3. "He probably still had a chip on his shoulder."

4. "Maybe the wind blew the top back."

5. "He used to fold up a piece of paper and use it as a bookmark."

6. Maybe she got up from the chair at that moment."

7. "Oh, I've been growing much fonder of him lately."

8. "I was just following instructions."

9. "Maybe she lied to cover up her carelessness."

10. "I put it there myself."

Re: explaining things away

Nic quizzie laura!
I won't be a quote I'll just take a few...

#1 was said by Harold Van Wyck in Playback
#4 was said by Adrian Carsini in Any Old Port
#5 was said by Ken Franklin in Murder by the Book
#9 was said by Paul Galesko in Negative Reaction..about the hotel maid

Re: explaining things away

"Nic quizzie laura"?????

I meant to say "Nice quizzie laura"

Re: Re: explaining things away

heh heh. it is a little too easy for you guys i think.

i am working on a harder one, but i forgot one of my own answers, and i have to remember it first!

Re: Re: Re: explaining things away

#8 is Kay Freestone in "Make Me a Perfect Murder."

Re: explaining things away

#2 might be from Candidate for Crime.

#10 might be Beth Chadwick

Re: explaining things away

I was also thinking that #8 might have been from "Murder Under Glass."

Re: explaining things away

# 3 is from "Prescription: Murder"

# 7 is from "Short Fuse"

Re: explaining things away

Here's one more for your list-try
and identify it:

"I just go where they tell me"

Re: Re: explaining things away

Hi Ym
Try An Old Port In The Storm, Donald Pleasence.

Re: Re: Re: explaining things away

Very good, Nick! You got it quickly-a true fan!

Re: explaining things away

ha ha...i thought it sounded like columbo!

everybody has answered correctly. people after my own heart.