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"Hey Jude" take that !!!!

Boy, I thought that the Beatles's "Hey Jude" was the ultimate length of a pop song, but has anyone ever timeed "Volare" as performed in "Troubled Waters"?

The running time is a few seconds short of six minutes. We clearly can hear the very beginning; without missing a beat we continue to hear it as the scene changes to the sick-bay area (with the music piped in) and we lose it for a while, but later we hear the definite wrap-up.

Clearly real running time on DVD episode is six minutes......but the evidence is confusing....the boys down at the lab have noticed that the start of the song (as the camera shoots the ship from the distance in the night) precedes 11:00PM before the nurse goes in to take Danziger's blood pressure, and the end of the song is at 11:10PM when the band breaks.

I just don't know how to explain it in my report. These facts would suggest that the song was 10 minutes long, exceeding the real running time (begin to end) by 4 additional minutes.

These little things...they just keep botherin' me.

Re: "Hey Jude" take that !!!!

LOL, I just commented on the interminable length of "Volare" in my favorite episodes post! It just struck me as funny how that song went on and on and on and on! ("Volare, oh no! One more chorus, please no no!")

Good thing Universal covered the music rights on that song or else we would have seen a large chunk of the episode hacked out!

Re: "Hey Jude" take that !!!!

That was some good stuff there, Bob. Good stuff.