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Charles F. Adams arrival in Jacksonville

The arrival of the Charles F. Adams in Jacksonville is dependent on a strong fund raising effort needed to build a pier for the museum, repair the ship's hull and tow it to Jax. A recent Adams Class Museum event described on the ACVA web page was a good start in the local area, and more local events will be scheduled to raise the funds needed for those steps needed to restore the ship and establish the museum. The actual arrival of the ship will depend on the success of the fund raising efforts. The network of all the Adams Class Vets can help us a lot in this important project.

Re: Charles F. Adams arrival in Jacksonville

Captain Branco, I've always wanted to say thanks for not writing me up when you caught me sleeping on the 02 deck during the midwatch in the Persian gulf.

Now I can scratch that off my bucket list.

Steven Brown STG2