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memories of a visit by the Adams

I was living and working in Saudi Arabia from 1981 til 1989. Around 1983 or 84, the Adams made port in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Many american families living there invited crew members to their homes for meals and much needed r&r. My wife and I were fortunate enough to have several crew members to our home for the evening. One of the men was kind enough to present us with an ashtray from the Adams and it has been a prized possesion ever since. I was stationed aboard an Adams class DDG, the USS Sampson DDG-10 while I was on active duty. There is something particularly extraordinary about tin can sailors. The close relationships developed amoung the crew is not to be found aboard larger vessels. I know, I was stationed aboard several ships during my time and only on the tin cans would one find that close knit connection. I value those memories more than words can express. My compliments to all who served.