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looking for bm1 and bm2 from 1969

i am looking for the name of the bm1 and bm2 who served on the adams during 68- about 70. the bm2 was cut loose and replaced by a bm3 then bm2 campbel; so, the bm2 i am looing for was right before they tosswed the bm2 off the ship.

the bm2 came drunk to the ship and ordered me to the focsle to box. to cut it short i threw him overboard and bopth he and the bm1 were no longer aboard when i woke in the am.

i really would like to "talk" to either bm1 or bm2 at the reunion

to quote them"ur another f'n jew bas":{d from ny. the only name i remember of that time was larry bader.

payback is terrible.

non the less, i will recognize the trash when i see it again. next time the bm2 wont be so lucky to get fished outa the h2o.


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Hello, Robert,
I just received your form submission for the DDG-2 Former Crewmen page (without an email address, so I can't reply via email). It went right into my trash folder. I would like to think the submission is a joke, but I can't take the chance that it's not. I am NOT going to allow this forum or the DDG-2 Former Crewmen page to become a means of getting revenge for something that may or may not have happened years ago. This is MY website, not an ACVA or JHNSA site, and I, alone, control what gets on it. Please forgive me for being rude - but GET OVER IT!

If you want to get listed on the Former Crewmen page, try again. Only this time, keep it more mature.

Jim Bosworth