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My brother david Justus

To my brother,David Scott (Scotty) Justus that is a experience we must all face,but some will face it at an early age like my brother that was washed over board his navy ship when he was just 18,Without a body for me to see I had to except him being gone.two navy strangers showing up and with only their words he was suppose to be gone.this was so difficult for me over the years,see people on the street that I thought was him.sometimes even asking them their name. The same reoccurring dream of walking down a country road and seeing him in the distance and running to catch him only to wake up as he turned around.That was 33 years ago and I still miss him like it was yesterday.They are trying to make his ship a museum down here in Jacksonville Florida I want to go see it before I die so I can go to where he was and cry and ask his forgiveness for all the mean things I did when we were kids.It sounds weird I know but something draws me to that ship hopefully by next year they will bring it to Jacksonville where I can finally say I miss you Scotty and I never got to tell you "I love you brother" I missed you forever

Re: My brother david Justus

I believe I remember the incident when your brother was lost. I was on the Adams from Jan 77 until July 81. The incident happened in Nov 80. We were in the shipyards at the time and had gone out for a short shakedown cruise. Shortly after dinner, roughly 6PM the ship horn went off indicating man overboard. Two mess cranks had gone out to dump the garbage off the fantail. One came running in screaming "man overboard". The whole crew went out on deck looking for the man overboard. We searched and searched to well after midnight. It was off Cape Hatteras if I remember right. It was already dark and the sea was extremely rough. We never caught sight of him. I did not know your brother.
I believe he hadn't been on the ship very long. The whole crew was very traumatized by the incident. I am starting to tear up relating this to you now.
I am sorry for your lose. I hope this gives you and your family some small means of comfort.