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DDG Tribute

Hi CFA DDG shipmates,

I made a tribute video for all Charles F. Adams Class Sailors and all other Mates who are interested in this unique type of ships. I hope you like it though.

Greetings from Germany,

Björn Westphal, GM1 on D185 Lütjens (DDG28)


Re: DDG Tribute

Dear Bjorn... your video showed great photos of all of the historic Adams Class ships...they were a great group of ships...I served on three of them...Richard E. Byrd, Goldsborough and Charles F. Adams... I commanded Adams 1983-5 and have been working on this effort to save her as a ship museum since 2006...We (ACVA and JHNSA) are still waiting to hear from Navsea regarding to our Donation Application to take the ship to her old homeport Jacksonville, Florida as a ship museum...hope to know for the new year...Bob Branco... Thanks for the great video..