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Four Acres

Seeing Alecstar at "Four Acres" in Marcy. The band opened with "Everybody Rock n Roll the Place". I'll never forget the ALECSTAR sign flashing and then the rush of guitars. Ronnie Topor and Gordy Scibor told me "Dan, you've got to see this band!". That was my first concert up close and I'll never forget it.

Dan Heitz
Orlando, FL

Re: Four Acres

Four Acres was the bar where it all started for us. It was the first club we played in the Rome/Utica area and it was the one that we grew our fan base out of. It opened the door for us and when WOUR 96.9 in Utica joined the fray, it all literally exploded. Both Gordie & "Tron" (Ronnie) were at our last Turning Stone show. We hope to see you at our show in September... The Alecstar Band