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TuMblE iNN ?

I have these old photos from sometime in the later 1/2 of the 70's. you remember the late 70's? Good.. cuz I can't. lol

Anyway I am sure that I took them at the Tumble Inn near the juncture of Rt. 89 & 90, between Auburn and Seneca Falls. I am also relatively sure that Alecstar was the first show I ever saw live. don't remember a favorite song, heck I barely remember being there. The one thing I do remember is telling all my friends afterward that the band kicked ass and they should all go see an Alecstar show.

This afternoon a good friend and I were chatting and when she mentioned Alecstar it opened up whole new line of conversation between us regarding the good old local bands. She mentioned the website and here we are.

Hope to get to a show at som point.