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Man Behind The Wheel...Enroute To The Show!

Pun intended, I guess. My girlfriend and I are making the journey from the Glens Falls region of NYS starting Saturday morning. Will be good to see some familiar faces and some new ones too.

Here's to good times rockin' with y'all on 09/15/07!

Re: Man Behind The Wheel...Enroute To The Show!

Okay, guitar Pete. I am from the Glens Falls/Lake George area & I went to the show, too. Saw one of your previous messages asking if anyone used to see Alecstar @ MacMatt's or The Connection. The answer to that is yes, I did. Also saw them @ Allen's in Scotia, The Hullabaloo in Rensselaer, Sky Harbor and Rock N Rye in Lake George. Oh, pretty much anywhere in driving distance. So why did you wait 20 years to see them again?

[Follow-Up]Re: Man Behind The Wheel...Enroute To The Show!

Hi Jackie,

Hope you and yours enjoyed the show. I know I and mine did. Definitely, a warm and fuzzy trip down memory lane, for me. My girlfriend lives in your neck of the woods, and I either ran sound for or (eventually) played guitar for other bands that gigged that neck of the woods. The club names you dropped all hold fond memories of many competent bands active in Alecstar's day.

To answer your question, it took over 20 years because I lived out of state (close to George's current neck of the woods) for much of that time. I had seen them at their second-to-last show of their more active days at The Connection in Gloversville, NY. At the time, I was in my second of two years as the live sound engineer (sound man) for local band "Rael." As such, I didn't get to go out to see other bands much. I mostly saw their promo at the clubs we played. The rooms you mentioned also kindle fond memories for me.

In pursuit of reinvigorated creative inspiration (I now am in a band of my own and am the main melody composer for our original songs), I have recently found myself drawn to reconnect with my roots...a sort of spiritually driven "where are they all today" so to speak. So, imagine my surprise when I plugged Alecstar's name into Google and discovered !

If there is another reunion next year, I would be interested in attending, providing I don't happen to be gigging myself. If I get enough notice, I can probably black the date out on the band calendar. This year, I happened to be transitioning into a new project, so there were no scheduling conflicts.

Hold On To Rock & Roll, Jackie...perhaps we'll see you 'round the Saratoga, Washington, Warren County area.